I don’t want another kid

I have a kid, age 7, and a girl, age 4. I don’t want another kid.

I love my kids, but I want them to grow up, so I could pursue my passion, which is writing.

Pursuing my passion means possibly letting go of my job. Living a simple, poor life. Spending a lot of time contemplating, reading and writing.

“I was trying, then, to reduce myself to mv real properties. I had little confidence in my abilities, and with no trouble at all I found within me all that was needed to hate myself, but I was strong in my infinite desire for clarity. in contempt, for beliefs and idols, my disgust for all that was easy .all my awareness of my limitations. I had made for myself an meer island and spent my time reconnoitering and fortifying it.”




Weird or not, I love to write

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Rob Engelstein

Rob Engelstein

Weird or not, I love to write

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